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In addition to being one of the oldest, deep-rooted and rich languages of the world, Turkish has the same attributes in terms of written texts. As it is known, these texts of Turkish language emerge with different alphabets in wide geographical areas where Turks have spread and lived in history. It is observed that the texts of Turkish language are written in Arabic alphabets intensively in terms of numbers and volumes, at the same time these are rare works that contain profound information from language and cultural point of view. Kub's Husrev u Şirin, which is the subject of this article, is one of these works. Same name as the Nizami's mesnevi it was translated into Turkish in 1341 by Kutb on behalf of Tini Bek Han, the ruler of Altınordu and his wife Melike Hatun. The only known copy of the work is registered in Bibliothéque Nationale in Turkish references section number 312. In 1958, Ananiazs Zajaczkowski published Kutb's mesnevi Husrev u Şirin in Latin alphabet for the first time in Warsaw. Ten years later, in 1968, Necmettin Hacıeminoğlu published Kutus's Husrev ü Şirin and Dil Hususiyetleri by translating the text into Latin alphabet along with a wide range of language studies. When these two studies were examined, it was found that both of them had reading differences; In addition, it is seen in the studies that there are readings that are incompatible with the Arabic text of Hüsrev ü Şirinmesnevi of Kutb. The essence of the article is to reveal the necessity of the republication of this masterpiece based on the original work, which is very valuable in the field of historical Turkish language, by drawing attention to different readings and divergences in these two publications. Thus, it is hoped that revision of Kutb's Hüsrev ü Şirin will contribute to the steps to be taken to obtain sound manuscripts for other rare masterpieces of Turkish literature.


Husrev u Şirin Kutb Mesnevi Historical Turkish Text


Hacıeminoğlu, N. (2000). Kutb'un Hüsrev ü Şirin'i ve Dil Hususiyetleri. Türk Dil Kurumu Yayınları, Ankara.

Zajaczkowski, A. (1958). Najstarsza Wersja Turecka Husrev u Şîrîn Qutba. Warszawa.

Husrev ü Şirin, Supp. Turc. 312. Bibliothéque Nationale.

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