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About the Journal

International Journal of Current Approaches in Language, Education and Social Sciences (CALESS) is a peer-reviewed journal that started to be published as from the year 2019. It welcomes original and qualified studies in the fields of language, language education, educational and social sciences; by this way, it aims to propose solutions and contribute to the relevant fields. The manuscripts sent to the journal are reviewed through DOUBLE BLIND PEER REVIEW TECHNIQUE.
The journal is published twice a year (June-December) in which Turkish, EnglishRussian and French studies are accepted. 
Creative Commons License 
This journal is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

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    Distinguished Academics,

    The third issue (June 2020) of CALESS Journal has been published . We thank to all who assisted us.

    Distinguished Academics,

    The fourth issue of CALESS Journal will be published in December 2020. We expect qualified work for this issue and wish you the best in your research studies.

    Deadline: Nov 25, 2020

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Email :calessjournal@gmail.com

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